More about the 'how'

than the 'what'


Mark Coster

Founder of Pixooma

One of Pixooma's trusted web development partners, John Scotcher of Pearson Treehouse said something which resonated with me. 

In conversation with me and a client, he said: "…design is not about buying someone based on their portfolio -  it’s about buying into someone who can produce a bespoke design via a process…"

And I think he's absolutely correct. A portfolio demonstrates what a designer can do, and more accurately what they've done, but it doesn't tell the whole story. You're not buying something from their back-catalogue, you're commissioning them to create something new. You might admire the watercolour landscapes of one particular artist, but if you paid them to create an abstract portrait of your pet cat in enamel car paint, you may be disappointed. Everyone has a 'style', and even though this can be very broad it rarely encompasses every possible corner of the creative map.

A portfolio demonstrates what a designer can do, and more accurately what they've done, but it doesn't tell the whole story

How did we get here?

Arguably though, as John says, in terms of a successful design process it's less about the what, and more about the how.

How much information was in your supplied brief?

How well did the designer explain what would happen?

How well did they communicate throughout the process?

How did they react, when challenged or if you rejected one or more of their concepts?

How flexible were they in adapting to your needs as they got to know you better?

How well did they deliver?

You'll find plenty of creative people who can produce a design for you, but faced with a vague brief (or none at all) they might be lost. And not every designer can communicate well, nor do they necessarily provide a good service.

Focussing on the 'How' as well as the 'What'…

I continue to look for ways to streamline Pixooma's processes and improve our customer service still further. This means that Pixooma has an enviable reputation built upon:

Providing unrivalled customer service - evidenced by our over 40 five-star Google reviews

Developing processes to help our customers more

Upholding high standards of design

Removing all risk for the customer with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

By combining the best processes and methods from larger agencies and freelancers, and building a team of trusted partners, we're able to provide a service that matches (and often exceeds) that of some much larger 'bricks and mortar' design companies.

So next time you're thinking of speaking to a creative agency, see what you can find out about the way they work, not just the work they produce. And if you have any questions we'd be happy to answer them - give us a call!

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