Mug artwork | IsSoftware Ltd

Client: Tony Dixon of IsSoftware Ltd

Relationship: Existing client. Previous projects: Logo design.

Date of project: May 2014

Background: IsSoftware Ltd is an IT services and consultancy company providing a one stop shop service –  from requirement capture, design and implementation to delivery and project management. 

Brief: IsSoftware Ltd had experimented with some artwork to promote their Active Reports software, but required Pixooma to revise and improve it.

Project: Using the same basic background image that IsSoftware had used, we were able to use photoshop to bring the image to life by adding in effects that suggested the person in the image was pressing on the Active Reports icon.

Result: The client was exceptionally pleased as we had managed to put greater content into the design than they had been able to, but at the same time the design was easier to read and more pleasing to the eye.

Mug Artwork Design for IsSoftware

Mug Artwork Design Mug Design Artwork

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