Is your website future-ready?

As you can see our new fully responsive, CMS-driven site is live!

What’s the big deal with ‘responsiveness’?

The ‘responsive’ element means that no matter what device your site is viewed on (Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile…) the viewer gets your content presented to them in the best way possible. It avoids having to have ‘Desktop’ and ‘Mobile’ sites which is inefficient, or the need to constantly zoom when viewing on smaller-screen devices.

Why do I need CMS?

The ‘Content Management System’ means that you can edit a wide range of content without needing to know any ‘code’ . This puts the editorial control firmly back in your hands, rather than waiting for the developer when you need amends.

If you apply these approaches to your next website update/redesign it’ll pay dividends:

  1. You’ll be able to make any content changes you need, whenever you want. Whether that is just updating a phone number, changing the homepage text, or writing a regular blog.
  2. Your site will adapt to all current devices and any new ones. Therefore if Apple releases a new iPad ‘Midi’ or there is a Samsung ‘Mega-tablet’ it won’t matter, your site will adapt.
  3. Your customers get the best experience possible when viewing your site. Given that people make a decision to stay on a site (or not) within a few seconds that could be the difference between them reading on, or logging off…

In readiness for your next website update why not call now on 01536 217007, or email Mark to arrange a FREE consultation so that we can understand your needs better.

We’d also love to know what you think of our redesigned website, so please let us know your thoughts…


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