Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Every Pixooma project. Every time. No exceptions

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the outcome of your project when working with Pixooma and our trusted partners. We are the ONLY creative design agency in Northamptonshire who offer this complete peace-of-mind guarantee.

How does it work exactly?

We will continue to work with you on your project until you are entirely satisfied and we won’t submit the final invoice until you have confirmed that the design performs as expected or better. In the unlikely event there is an issue that arises at any stage during the project which we are unable to resolve to your complete satisfaction, we will offer a refund of all relevant costs paid to that point, but our preference is always to solve your problem rather than reimburse you for it.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Every project we produce whether it costs £10 or £10 million, and whether it is for a small startup or a world-famous motorsport team, is covered unconditionally by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We develop close partnerships with companies who share our values and approach to business, so whether we provide a design-only service to you or project manage something more complicated and involving one or more of our Pixooma Partners, you will be completely satisfied. Guaranteed.

There must be an exception…

There is only one and it is a perfectly sensible one: If the brief for the project is changed by you the client once the project has started, Pixooma reserves the right to charge additional fees where appropriate, but we will always try to maintain the original quoted price where we can. If additional charges are unavoidable we will always let you know in advance what they will be, and we will always pause the project until we have confirmed you are happy to proceed with the additional cost.

If you need a reliable graphics and marketing partner you can trust 100% to help lift your company to the next level then contact us today!

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