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Jon and Craig from Let's Go Out, were launching a brand new service aimed at taking the pain out of searching for activities to do at the weekend, or when on holiday in the UK. 

Every time they had tried to find interesting things to do with their family and friends they found the act of searching online to be slow and cumbersome, as the quality and diversity of the websites varied enormously. Their plan is to create a wonderfully simple and intuitive online experience which can easily be filtered down to the visitor's exact requirements, but they know they have work to do if they want to succeed in a crowded marketplace, especially as a brand new player.

It takes time to build a brand (and a following), and they both knew that it was vital they had a solid, professional logo to use as a foundation. They were referred to Pixooma by experienced web developers Unumbox who were building their brand new site, and we began the process of guiding them through their logo project.

Go beyond personal preferences

Their initial preference was for something that echoed the style of the Drayton Manor logo, i.e colourful, fun and bright, with layers of detail, and we created some initial designs to this brief. What we always feel is important though is to use the benefit of our experience to gently challenge the client brief, as sometimes client preconceptions and preferences are guided by bad experiences, or by bad examples they have seen elsewhere. Therefore, throughout the process we also showed them alternative approaches that we felt had equal merit - never pushing them down one particular path, but demonstrating our expertise and experience (after all that is why they hired us) and thereby giving them greater value from the project. Interestingly, during the final phases of the project where we created some single-colour versions to demonstrate how the logo would look in black and white, this sparked a conversation about how we could perhaps simplify the master colour logo as well.

Our creative adaptability is what enables us to work collaboratively with our clients and means we are confident in offering our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This demonstrates the value in showing the client alternative options and creative routes, the final logo did not technically fit the initial preferences they gave, but this is because the brief evolved during the process. Our creative adaptability is what enables us to work collaboratively with our clients and means we are confident in offering our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. It probably goes some way to explaining why we have more Google 5-Star reviews than almost any other agency in the country as well.

We'd like to thank Jon and Craig for involving us in this exciting project, and Simon at Unumbox for recommending us as logo experts.

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