Good design

should be versatile


When our client, Northants Accounting approached us to create a corporate folder for them, they had a strong idea of what they wanted. Their intention was to use their infographic design we had already created, and essentially 'wrap' it around the folder.

Although being consistent is a key aspect of effective branding this idea may have been taking it a little too literally, as it would need to be used 'sideways' in order to fit the dimensions of the folder, making it difficult to read. The alternative would have been scale the artwork up, but it would need to be so large that it wouldn't have looked right.

Adapt and re-purpose

However, the overall concept was a good one and we adapted the poster artwork to fit the dimensions of this new project: reorientating each of the elements, creating space for contact details and a title, and ensuring some of the artwork wrapped onto the internal pocket.

Use the right tools

This was made possible because our experience and expertise meant that we'd created the original poster using appropriate software – Adobe Illustrator. This allows us to create a 'vector' file which has a number of advantages over image formats such as JPEG:

It can be scaled to any size without loss of quality

The individual elements are all separate and can easily be moved, changed or deleted as required

The text elements remain completely editable

Adobe Illustrator also allows us to create complex artwork by grouping elements into layers that can be rearranged and repurposed easily. This is how we were able to take a portrait graphic and neatly rearrange it into a landscape design to wrap beautifully around the form of the folder.

Of course, it takes more than just the right software to create professional designs, it also takes skill and experience, but even a very skilled designer will take much longer to create artwork in software that isn't up to the job.

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I would highly recommend working with Pixooma because they will exceed any expectations you have and their passion for design will inspire you to build a better brand and share it with your customers.

Nishi Patel

Founder N-Accounting

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