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Nick Chambers from Norwood Hill Associates, an established consultancy, was starting an new marketing company and wanted to create a corporate image for both companies. 

The existing consultancy and the new company, Mobile Loyalty Technologies are both provide loyalty marketing solutions powered by the design of bespoke mobile apps. Nick realised that he had an opportunity to create a new 'brand family' which would mean that the new logos would share a common visual style, but he didn't know where to start.

Having met with Pixooma to discuss the project in detail, Nick felt reassured that we could create two logos but maintain a shared visual approach that would give his businesses a professional brand image and give him a head start against his competition and commissioned us to work on it for him.

Find a 'common element'

The two final logos made use of the three-letter abbreviations of each company and a simple, but effective wi-fi inspired graphic to represent the mobile technology nature of the two companies. Each logo was given a different corporate colour to distinguish it, but there is a clear and strong connection between the two. This approach to the logo designs was also future-proof in that additional companies within the same family could use the same graphic, typeface and layout, but feature a different corporate colour.

The simple strong approach taken in the design means the logos work equally well in colour, black or white, and Nick was so happy with the result that he commissioned us to design and build his Mobile Loyalty Technologies website as well.

Just think how a brand like this could help boost your business! Simply fill out our questionnaire and we'll provide you with a bespoke proposal to consider.

Pixooma provided a superb service from start to end. I can fully recommend both their eye for detail and professionalism

Nick Chambers

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