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When producing marketing materials for a nationally recognised brand, you have to make sure you know what you are doing. And with large format printing, attention to detail is even more critical as any little error will be seen a mile away.

There are always challenges

Hoseasons purchasing, a division of the UK company that has been providing holidays for over 70 years, approached Pixooma to create a design for a new exhibition stand. Naturally, as a prestigious UK company, they had well-defined brand guidelines, all the relevant vector graphics and a library of professional photography to select from, but working with such large-format print always present challenges. An additional problem was that for security reasons we could not be given direct access to the image library so we couldn't peruse the options and select images for ourselves.

The exhibition that the stand was needed for was in a few weeks and Hoseasons needed to make sure that the creative output was not compromised in order to meet this deadline. Nor did they have the resource to project manage the creative, so they needed us to help here also.

Our experience pays dividends

However, as experienced graphic design consultants, we are well-versed in dealing with challenging situations. We were able to clearly brief the Hoseasons team on our requirements so that they could select a shortlist of potential images on our behalf and send us lo-res files to consider. Their selections were excellent, but not having the hires images presents its own problems as we need to be confident that any selected image would be good enough quality when printed at such a large scale. By liaising with the team on what the average pixel dimensions of their images were (i.e how many pixels high and wide are they) we were able to make some calculations and perform a number of tests to makes sure that our suggested designs would work at scale. Before sending to print we also double- and triple-checked the artwork against the template and viewed the file in extremely close detail to ensure there were no marks on the images or errors that could trip the project up.

At the eleventh hour it came to light that due to the curvature of the display, some of the content was not as visible as would have been hoped when using the template as a reference. When this was discovered we liaised with the printers and the client to very quickly to provide updated artwork that would work far better, ensuring the client got exactly what they wanted and in double-quick time!

We can handle it, even when time is tight

Although it wasn't last-minute, the deadline for this project was reasonably short, and it shows the trust that Hoseasons place in Pixooma's expertise and consultative approach that we were given full project management control as well as creative control to complete this for them. If you know of a national or international brand that needs help with a specific project and needs a consultant that can be trusted to get on without being micromanaged then please put us in touch - we'd be happy to discuss how we can help.

Just think how a professional display like this could help boost your business! Simply fill out our questionnaire and we'll provide you with a bespoke proposal to consider.

It shows the trust that Hoseasons place in Pixooma's expertise and consultative approach that we were given full project management control

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