Creating a visual theme


Web Alliance, specialists in creating custom CRM software, approached Pixooma to create a suite of roller banners that they could use for a range of purposes including exhibitions, networking meetings and conferences.

Although we were only initially provided with the content for the first banner, we were aware that there were two more in the set that needed to be designed. We took this into account when searching for imagery and working out the layout. Therefore we had to:

Be confident that we could find/create/adapt suitable images for the second and third banner in the same style/context as the options we found for the first banner

Make sure we had 'planned for the worst' so that the font choices and sizes for the heading, sub-heads and bullet points would work if the volume of content was different

Ensure there was a graphical style that could be applied to the whole suite, but that allowed some versatility so they didn't look identical

Our final designs for the suite of banners has a consistent corporate style, making good use of elements from the company's new logo. We also introduced some new colours to the corporate palette of red and grey so that we could give a colour theme to each of the banners. Each banner works as a stand-alone display, but they can be used in any combination as there is a consistent style that runs between them.

Ashish from Web Alliance provided excellent guidance from the briefing stage, and in terms of feedback on each visual that was presented, and he was very pleased with the final result.

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We're a team of highly skilled programmers, but not very strong on the design part. But we needn’t have worried, as Pixooma quickly understood our requirements, sending the initial drafts and layout concepts, and after bit of tweaking we've achieved the perfect banners

Ashish Kumar

Founder and owner, Web Alliance

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