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Mark Curley's company, The Due Diligence Exchange is an experienced consultancy working in a very specialist field relating to Tax, Customs, Alcohol-wholesale and related subjects such as money laundering regulation. 

As such their subject matter is very complex and can be difficult to explain without the use of jargon and industry-specific language. DDE's concerns were two-fold:

How do we update the content of our website to make sure that it is useful to our visitors, but so that it can be understood by anyone, whether part of the industry or not?

Our website is no longer 'fit-for-purpose' as it was designed many years ago – how do we bring it into the 21st Century?

Mark was recommended to us by his brothers Paul and Nick from Curley Property Developments & Investments who had been our customers on a couple of recent projects including a brand development project, so he knew that we could help resolve his issues successfully.

In working with Mark and his team we were able to improve the following:

Content – We worked with one of our Pixooma Partners to generate all new copy for the entire site, ensuring it was in plain English and free from jargon so that they could market the business effectively

Design – We created beautiful new designs for the site which simplified the menu system and made the site much easier to use

Development – We were able to create a design that worked responsively across all devices and that provided a flexible, easy-to-use content-management-system, giving Mark and his team complete control

Imagery – We sourced a number of images for the new site that helped to project a modern, professional image

The team at DDE were very impressed with the clean, modern look of the new site and how easy it was to use for visitors, and for his staff when inputting content.

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I'm certain that the new site will bring in a significant increase in work as its clever design enables clients and potential clients to quickly get the information they need and establish we are the right people for the job. Pixooma provide an excellent service and is very responsive to the clients needs. I would highly recommend

Mark Curley

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