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“We have worked with Mark for several years and really value his expertise and amazing eye for design. Mark is such a great listener and communicator and really gets our vision. From our comms, he is able to create fantastic design options that really take any ideas we may have had to a whole new level. I highly recommend Mark for your next design project :)” Lee Jackson
Angled Crown

The team working for Daniel Newman, an expert on digital transformation and respected global speaker based in the US had been working with some web designers to update his existing site, but the results had been disappointing and they were feeling rather dejected. A trusted contact suggest they contact Lee Jackson and the team at Angled Crown, experts in WordPress site creation based in the UK.

Lee was able to work with Daniel’s team to create a structure for the site that far better-suited their needs and briefed us at Pixooma to create some exciting new visuals for the site that would mean it would be:

More attractive to visitors, so they’d be more likely to explore further

Have a logical and clear layout so that visitors could easily gain the information they needed

Create a strong brand image that could be used site-wide and demonstrate Daniel’s professionalism and status as a respected speaker and expert

We provided an initial concept for a homepage to Angled Crown and the client was so happy with it that it was signed off straight away, rekindling their confidence in web designers and developers alike, and making them excited again at the prospect of the new site. We regularly partner with Angled Crown as we feel it allows us to provide a creative web design and build service that gives our clients the best product possible.

Perhaps your site needs a fresh new look, if so why not get in touch as we’d love to have a no-obligation chat with you about it.

Tech Expert Homepage concept

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