So…what is Pixooma?

My name is Mark Coster and Pixooma is my freelance project whilst working full-time for RCI Europe (part of Wyndham Worldwide) in their in-house studio in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

I have over 15 years experience in Graphic Design for print and in the last few years I have supplemented the knowledge I have gained at RCI through its increased use of HTML emails for marketing, by teaching myself the methods and best-practices of modern web-design.

However, Pixooma is more than just me and my experience. My fiancée, Joanna Moore is looking to start her own business focussing on, but not limited to, the craft of ‘Wet Felting‘ which is a fantastic and exciting adventure in its own right. Jo is a very creative person (her background is fine art and sculpture) and she is a vital component of Pixooma. Her creative input comes from a different direction to mine and my hope is that together we can build Pixooma and her – as yet untitled project – using the combination of our creative training and different experiences.

I always say that at its heart all graphic design is essentially the same process, although obviously the end results are very different. So when someone asks me ‘Can you design….’, then as long as it is actually part of the field of graphic design (not architecture, engineering design or some other speciality) I will invariably say ‘Yes’. In order for any graphic design project to work – whether it is something familiar or something very new – there needs to be two things though: A clear brief and information about the restrictions of the finished medium. Printed literature can be produced on a variety of paper stocks, by many different printing methods, using various colour systems (I will cover some of these complexities in later posts), large format prints need to have different considerations again, as does screen-printing. Web design is a significantly different beast, but with the right knowledge the design element can be as familiar as designing for print, its the stage of taking the visuals and turning them into a working website that becomes a very different function – more akin to programming in many ways.

RCI Europe is a travel company and as such my role as ‘Lead Creative’ means that I am involved with lots of exciting projects with access to great holiday images, but I would like to widen the breadth of material and subject matter I work with which will strengthen and improve my abilities, and thereby help me and my employer. Pixooma is the way that I aim to do this, so if you have a project that you would like me to quote for then please do not hesitate to get in touch. I offer a free initial consultation (in person if you are in the local area – or a phone consultation if not) and I’d be happy to discuss your project with you.




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