Information is beautiful

A key service that Northamptonshire company Beyond Theory provides is customer engagement surveys, and they always aim to provide a ‘wow’ service that is above and beyond that of other providers. Therefore they trust Pixooma with their prestigious clients to produce beautiful infographics that are more elegant and far more engaging that a simple powerpoint or PDF presentation. Our latest project for them was to create an infographic for the Gonville Hotel in Cambridge.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Infographics enable complex, detailed and potentially overwhelming levels of information to be presented in a way that is more easily digested and is more engaging to read. Our survey results infographic summarises the information elegantly and provides a display that can be a focal point for staff and customers alike.

The Gonville Hotel and Beyond Theory were both delighted with the infographic we designed and it exceeded their expectations in terms of what could be achieved.

Gonville Hotel Survey Infographic design

Click to view PDF

Other projects for Beyond Theory:

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