Tell us the truth, we can take it – honest!

We feel that it is vitally important that our clients are honest with us. In fact, we would prefer it if they were brutally honest as it helps us to help them more!

Say what you mean, not what you think we want to hear

I think sometimes designers are seen as precious little flowers who want to be loved and for their work to be universally appreciated, but it isn’t always the case. Ok, yes we like to be loved and some designers are certainly a bit precious about their ‘perfect’ artwork, but we believe that graphic design is a collaboration between designer and client. We believe in treading that rather difficult tightrope between pushing the client down the route we think is best and doing precisely what they asked for. If we are too pushy as designers we are not acknowledging that the client is paying us to provide a service, too much the other way and we are simply adding no value.

The goldilocks approach

We believe that the greatest benefit to customers is to sit somewhere in the middle. We are the experts and therefore we should use our experience to inform and guide our clients and steer them away from bad design, but by the same token we shouldn’t railroad the customer into doing exactly what we say, otherwise what would be the point of proofing – we could just go ahead and do what we ‘knew’ was best for them!  The customer’s thoughts and opinions are just as valid as anyone else’s as, after all, it is their project. However, we want to make sure we can use our experience to guide them to the best possible outcome that matches their needs and wants.

And so we come back to the original point: you may have preconceptions that your designer will be offended if you dare to suggest their latest proof is less than perfect – or you may have encountered other graphic designers who have acted in this way – but we see clear and honest communication as vital. If you don’t like something we’ve done then tell us, because otherwise you’ll be left with something that leaves you less than 100% satisfied and that is what our guarantee is all about, we want to ensure that you are completely happy. 100% of the time, every time.

So tell your designer honestly what your feelings are – whether you think the logo should be higher up, the picture isn’t quite right or the design isn’t working for you at all, tell them. Sure, be nice about it, but don’t spare our feelings, we can take it. And if your designer is too precious and can’t take criticism may we suggest a different designer? Just saying… 😉


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