Temporary website page | Curley PDI

Client: Paul and Nick Curley from Curley Property Developments and Investments

Date of project: December 2014

Duration of Project: Four days

Background: Curley PDI is a family run property company based in Northampton offering offering far greater returns to investors than any bank, ISA, or savings account. 

Brief: A temporary website page to ensure that the brand was maintained 

Project: Pixooma was working on the website designs for Curley PDI using the new branding and had recently designed and printed some urgent business cards (in the new branding) for an event that the company was attending. As the existing site didn’t reflect the new branding it was requested that Pixooma design a temporary webpage that would maintain the brand whilst the new site was in development.

Result: An on-brand ‘holding’ page that was designed, built and uploaded in a very short timeframe

Website design - Temporary holding page for Curley PDI

Curley PDI website holding page


Previous projects: Brand development and Business cards

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