The art of putting

you at ease


Mark Coster

Founder of Pixooma

Anyone who knows me – clients, prospects, suppliers and business partners alike – will probably know that my favourite (and frequently used) phrase is “no problem.”  I use it when asked to do something or when answering a complicated enquiry, that could be face-to-face, on the phone, in emails and when networking. The more cynical amongst you might think that it’s a flippant and throwaway phrase with little meaning, but I would disagree.

Sums me up

To me “no problem” is about demonstrating how approachable, available, realistic and positive I am. How capable I am of sorting out and solving problems or actioning complicated requests within an agreed time frame.

It also refers to how I use my awareness of all things creative and marketing to suggest things which you might not have thought about. After all, when it comes to building strong and trusted relationships, it’s important to put people at ease, so they feel comfortable and know that they will be listened to, understood and looked after. And for me “no problem” covers that and much more besides.

It’s important to put people at ease, so they feel comfortable and know that they will be listened to, understood and looked after

Pixooma’s principles

“No problem” sums up Pixooma’s principles of putting you first, managing you and your project and utilising strong partnerships to deliver tangible, benefits. Thereby ensuring an honest, transparent and productive relationship.

Of course, you can probably think of a handful of better responses when it comes to dealing with difficult requests, tight deadlines, or clients changing their minds at the last minute? Indeed, you might even be using some of them yourselves, or perhaps a few of the fruitier ones are just used when you are alone! But to me, as long as “no problem” is caveated with other necessary phrases then I think that it works.

Results not words

Essentially, I use my favourite phrase because I enjoy meeting lots of different people and it really is “no problem” to have the opportunity to work with them to help realise their creative dreams. So, if it’s okay with you, I will continue to use these two words to encourage feelings of trust and loyalty, which in turn seems to bring in additional work and lots of wonderful referrals.

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