The dilemma

of home-made

vs. professional


Mark Coster

Founder of Pixooma

In the wake of Covid19, many of us have more time on our hands. Time to focus more on our businesses and perhaps learn a new skill or two. In addition, some of us have also got less money and our clients are also looking to maximise their budgets whenever possible.

The right skills in the right hands

At Pixooma, we’re big fans of personal development and applaud anyone who has used this rare opportunity to extend their learning, whether that’s software, app, tool, package or skill related. It’s great to see so many people investing time and other resources into developing a new range of abilities. However, we are keen to point out that just because people have furthered their knowledge and expertise, does not necessarily mean that they should rush to offer these additional “new” services to clients, without first considering how they stack up and should be communicated.

There's really no substitute for using experts with an impressive track record, decades of professional experience, documented abilities and oodles of glowing testimonials and reviews.

Experience is critical

In business, it’s not the tools or skills that are important, it’s the person behind them. When we buy in the services of others, we do so safe in the knowledge that they have the necessary experience and abilities in their chosen field. Let’s face it, you simply can’t learn 20 plus years of experience in a few weeks and have the confidence to trouble shoot and offer advice when you might not have encountered this situation before.

To us, it’s very much about achieving a balance and of course that old adage, you get what you pay for must come into things too. Because let’s be honest, if you wanted someone to design something beautiful yet impactful for your business, would you choose someone who had spent the weekend learning Canva or someone who had 25 years’ experience of working with recognised brands and organisations on a diverse range of projects?

Check out reviews and testimonials

Our advice is simple. When you have time and no money, then sometimes the choices you make are inevitable. But when we come out of this current lockdown situation and businesses are wanting to get back to work and focus on growth and development, and have money and no time, then it’s not the time to cut corners. There really is no substitute for using experts with an impressive track record, decades of professional experience, documented abilities and oodles of glowing testimonials and reviews.

Be honest about your abilities

Obviously, it’s up to clients to make the ultimate decision. But we advise these newly skilled businesses to be honest about their abilities from the word go. Because in the end, happy and satisfied clients are what we all want, but in addition we also want to know that our dedicated years of experience, as well as our wealth of knowledge are fully appreciated and not devalued by others who offer a cheaper and often less thorough solution.

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