Time for maths rather than dots?

Ever been asked for a vector file of your logo by a designer, printer or another professional? Even if you haven’t yet, it’s only just a matter of time, and here’s why…

Ultimate flexibility

Vector files are incredibly flexible because they’re ‘resolution-independent’ unlike JPEGs, PNGs, TIFFs, so they can be used at any size without loss of quality. Yep, you could literally scale a vector file up to the size of the moon and it’ll still look pin-sharp. Try that with a JPEG of your logo and you’ll get a pixellated blurry mess.

Dots vs Maths

JPEGs and similar formats are comprised of huge numbers of tiny dots of colour (pixels) which, when small enough and combined together fool the eye into seeing a continuous image. The smaller the pixels, the better the ‘resolution’ of the image (measured in Dots/Pixels per inch, or DPI/PPI). You can’t just add more pixels and get a higher resolution image though – making a JPEG larger just means the pixels get bigger and bigger until eventually, you can see them – i.e pixellation.

Enlarging a JPEG file causes ‘pixellation’


Vector files are different – they are made of ‘maths’ rather than dots. Each line, curve and shape is mathematically defined and coded into the file so that anywhere you use it the file ‘knows’ how to draw the image. There is absolutely no limit to how large you can use a vector file, it will never pixellate, because there aren’t any pixels! This means that for graphics and especially logos they are just perfect.

Vector files don’t pixellate, no matter how much you enlarge them


File formats can be a clue…

Vector files need to be saved as EPS, AI, SVG or PDF in order to preserve the vector data, so if you have one of these it’s probably a vector.  BUT…this isn’t a foolproof guarantee so it’s best to check with an expert as you may not be able to open them without specialist software to find out (except for PDFs).

Now you know the reason

Next time someone asks for a vector of your logo you’ll know they are trying to ensure you get the best possible quality, which is great. However, if you don’t have a vector file of your logo we’d be happy to help create one for you – simply get in touch and send us what files you do have and we’ll give you a no-obligation price.

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