Time to get measuring

Do you know how much time you spend on each of the daily/weekly/monthly tasks in your business? You probably know how long you spend on client work as you need to be able to invoice accurately, but what about other tasks?

  1. Social media – checking and responding to posts, and writing your own content?
  2. Admin tasks – booking meetings, making notes, and sorting, archiving and deleting files?
  3. Financial – logging receipts, invoicing, chasing payments and analysing reports?
  4. Phone calls – to (and from) suppliers, clients, and prospects?
  5. Emails – as per phone calls above, but also marketing emails to your subscribers using email deployment software such as Mailchimp?
  6. Meetings – networking, 121s with prospects and partners, and client meetings?
  7. Marketing – in print, online, exhibitions etc?
  8. Quoting – working out prices and creating proposals?
  9. Travelling – to clients, suppliers and other meetings?

Toggl is a great solution

Although we’d been using various timesheeting apps for a number of years, we switched to Toggl on the basis of a recommendation from our trusted network contact, Wendy Tate of Beancounters. And we think it’s superb, but whatever software you use, a timesheet app can help with a wide range of situations:

  1. Tracking your time to provide a regular report to a client when working on an invoice per week/month basis
  2. Comparing actual time taken to the estimates you made when quoting the job, to ensure your proposals remain accurate
  3. Assessing time spent on specific tasks that can’t be invoiced, to assess whether they would be worth outsourcing to free up time
  4. Comparing projects to see what was most profitable
  5. Calculating the average ‘cost of acquisition’ per client, by looking at the time spent on travel, meetings, proposals etc

We find Toggl invaluable, as it has a fantastic, easy-to-use interface and provides lots of useful data, all of which can be precisely customised to our needs, and it’s FREE!

What’s your ‘Marketing budget’?

Take a look at Toggl, you may be surprised by the amount of time you spend on some of your daily tasks. And if one of them is creating graphics and marketing materials for your business, then give us a call – after all, doing it yourself may mean fewer bills to pay, but your time is not free. Every hour you spend could be spent on your client work, and unless you have experience as a graphic designer, it’s likely we can create something better, and in less time. Worth thinking about?

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