Trusted partners add real value

Rigid containers have an ambitious rolling marketing plan with a wide range of online and offline activities, and we’ve been their creative partner on a growing number of projects recently. The company have put their trust in us as they know we can deliver even when deadlines are tight and in the unlikely event we can’t meet a particular milestone, we’ll flag this as an issue before we start and offer pragmatic alternatives.

Our partner’s confidence in us is a benefit to our customers

This latest project was a case in point: It had a definitive deadline as it was needed in time for a graduate fair the company were attending, but the content would not be available until quite late on in the month before the fair. We liaised with our print partners to agree what the latest date for artwork submission would be, and because we only use trusted partners who know us well, we’d have been given deadlines far more favourable than they would provide to the average customer. This is because they know we’ll keep the project on track and provide press-ready artwork so they don’t need to request additional files, or waste time modifying it before sending it to print. Such is the benefit of cultivating trusted relationships at each stage of the process.

And so, despite very compressed deadlines, we were able to complete the project to the client’s complete satisfaction and deliver in good time.

The value of a trusted creative partner (and their partners)

Obviously, we’d always encourage our customers to come to us at the earliest stage possible, but sometimes last-minute decisions to commit to a project are inevitable. When considering suppliers for your graphics and marketing projects it’s worth considering not just the monetary cost, but the value of the project and that of the suppliers you choose. Are they interested in providing you with the best service and treating the project as if it was one of their own, or are they simply interested in the invoice at the end? Will they handle the project management and work with trusted partners to ensure all aspects of the project are completed with the minimum of fuss or are they simply acting alone as a ‘siloed’ supplier without taking on any other responsibilities or offering advice?

If it is the latter, then consider whether any financial savings you might be making are cancelled out by the extra time you’ll need to invest. Also, consider the additional stresses you may suffer worrying about how the project may pan out as the deadline approaches ever faster. Trust doesn’t happen overnight, of course, we’ve been in conversation with Rigid Containers for some time, offering advice and guidance alongside our proposals for work, and gradually the volume of work and the importance of each project has increased as their trust in Pixooma has grown.

What have you got to lose?

Give us a call when you are planning your marketing activity, we’d be happy to provide pragmatic, honest advice whether or not you need a proposal from us. We think this is just one way we can build trust and as we do so our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means that we put our money where our mouth is and you have nothing to lose.

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