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There's no better approach to solving challenges and embracing opportunities than the famous saying "two heads are better than one."  And we all know that there's strength in numbers.

That’s why we work with a team of talented and trusted partners to bolster the strength of our virtual agency. This gives you access to additional creative input and wider expertise, as well as greater flexibility - so we can guarantee you'll be 100% satisfied with everything we work on together.

By partnering with our extended team of experts, we'll ensure that your design project will be completed:

On time and to budget

To the highest quality standard

Using the best knowledge, skills and expertise available

Get in touch today and let’s realise the benefits of working smarter, harder and more collaboratively on your next creative project.

Pixooma worked very closely with us, the copywriter and the web designer and project managed the whole process. In truth the business had started by this stage and the only thing holding the process up was us. I would strongly recommend Pixooma and their services, they were just what we needed to start the new business.

Gavin Bates

Trusted advisors to Pixooma

Paul Green - Business advisor

Paul Green

Coaching Circle and The Business Community

We've been part of Paul's business support and networking group (The Business Community), and he's been our business coach (The Coaching Circle) for many years now.

The help and advice we get from The Business Community and Paul as a coach has kept us on a path of growth and helped us avoid pitfalls and going 'off-track'.

If we ever have a business concern or query, he's the first person we turn to.

Vicky Boulton - Marketing and copywriting expert

Vicky Boulton

Fuel Marketing

Vicky from Fuel Marketing has been our marketing consultant for a number of years and she's been critical to our success and growth throughout.

Her advice ensures we plan all of our marketing properly, thereby increasing the likeliness of success. And she's a great sounding-board for all our marketing ideas, good, bad and ludicrous!

For any marketing query, Vicky is our first port of call.

Jacky 2020

Jacky Sherman

The Consultant's Consultant

Jacky –  The Consultant's Consultant, has a wealth of experience in the field of referral marketing.

By attending her workshops, training and online groups we've been able to build up a network of referral partners that help us reach prospects that we would have otherwise missed.

Her approach to referrals and establishing a target market has helped us enormously.

Julie Futcher - The Sales Ace

Julie Futcher

The Sales Ace

Julie Futcher of The Sales Ace is an extremely experienced sales coach, consultant and trainer. We've known her for a number of years now and in that time her advice and guidance via 121s, training, workshops and networking have helped us avoid common pitfalls.

We really like Julie's philosophy that sales need not be pushy, if you're doing it right you are simply solving people's problems for money, and who doesn't see the value in that?

Nishi Patel - Northants Accounting

Nishi Patel

Northants Accounting

We've always been impressed by the way that Nishi has grown his business and the ethics he has followed.

Northants Accounting are always available as and when we need them and we don't have to worry about additional costs as everything is covered in our monthly fee.

His proactive approach means he is always looking for ways to make his client's lives easier - such as with the great cashflow software, Float.

Elizabeth Wright - Admin and More

Elizabeth Wright

Admin and More

The most recent partner to support us is Elizabeth and her team at Admin and More.

They've been taking on some of the day-to-day admin tasks and thereby freeing up our creative director, Mark to carry out more strategic and longer-term projects.

The transition to Admin and More has been seemless and very efficient.


Jessica Shailes

The Ideal Marketing Company

Jessica Shailes of the Ideal Marketing Company is an experienced marketer with a specialism in digital marketing and website development. In the few years we've known her, she has greatly impressed us with her knowledge and approach.

She provides vital support to Pixooma's website improvement, in every area from security, through improved functionality to SEO and content planning.


Chris Lambert


Chris Lambert of Datasense has been our expert advisor on everything to do with our computer systems for many years now. He has a wealth of experience and a pragmatic approach which we really value.

Whether it's advising on backup strategy, specifications for computer purchases, advice on data security or anything else, we know we can rely on him 100%.

damien 2

Damien O'Dwyer

Business Growth

Damien from Business Growth has a wealth of knowledge around SEO, PPC, automation and campaign planning and he is a key advisor to Pixooma for our website.

In collaboration with Jess Shailes he is helping ensure that our website improves it's rankings, and provides better and better content for our visitors.

Trusted partners for client projects

Vicky Boulton - Marketing and copywriting expert

Fuel Marketing

Vicky from Fuel Marketing is also an experienced copywriter who has provided expertly-written copy for a number of our clients over the years.

Stephen Church - Copywriter Pro

Copywriter Pro

Copywriter Pro, founded by Stephen is one of our trusted copywriting specialists, and has worked on a number of projects for our clients.

Marie-Louise O'Neill - Lovely Evolution

Lovely Evolution

Marie-Louise from Lovely Evolutionhas great graphic design experience so we call on her when we have an excess of projects to deal with, and her Canva expertise has been valuable also.

Janice Pretot - Eazyprint


Janice Pretot and her family run Eazyprint and they've been trusted print suppliers to us since 2014.

Max Bishop - Print Projects

Print Projects

We've known Max Bishop for over 15 years so when he used his experience to start his own print company we knew he'd be good to work with.

Janet Braunston - Braunston Print

Braunston Print

Janet Braunston and her family run Braunston Print and they've been trusted print suppliers to us since the beginning.

John Scotcher - Pearson Treehouse

Pearson Treehouse

John from Pearson Treehouse is a web-developer specialising in using the platform CMS Made Simple for our clients.


The Content Generator /

Using his experience as a lecturer in Scriptwriting and Video Production, Kevin runs Your-Copywriter.com and The Content Generator. 


The Ideal Marketing Company

Jess from The Ideal Marketing Company is a digital marketing specialist and web developer. She's a trusted provider for WordPress builds.

None of us is as smart as all of us.

Ken Blanchard, Author

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