Watch out for drips!

We’re all familiar with ‘drip-pricing’ even if we’ve not heard the term before –  it’s the practice of advertising a ‘from £x’ price that’s difficult (or impossible) to actually get.

  1. Car dealers use a raft of ‘extras’ to slowly increase the bill
  2. Hotel rates only apply for a handful of days, and are twice the price otherwise
  3. Car rental companies have additional ‘fees’ and try to scare you into buying their (uncompetitive) insurances and waivers

The Ryanair approach

Just take budget airlines as an example – it’s nearly impossible to pay Ryanair’s ‘advertised price’ because so many fees are added throughout the process. And some of these ‘extras’ are what most people would expect to be included anyway. I heard a story of two friends who travelled to Alicante, one via Ryanair and one with British Airways. The Ryanair rate was a small fraction of the BA price, but by the time all the fees were ‘dripped’ into the final bill, it was practically the same!

What’s included in the design?

Creative services can employ this tactic as well, so before you agree to anything, consider this:

  1. What’s the process? Do they meet with you or call for a detailed discussion?
  2. What’s included? Do they specify the number of amendments, and what’s the charge per additional round? Are stock image searches and licensing included? What about meetings and calls?
  3. What happens if you’re not satisfied? Can you get your money back?

Inclusive pricing means no nasty surprises

With Pixooma, I’ve worked hard to create a service that’s efficient, fair and transparent:

  1. We discuss your needs in detail – either on a call or in person
  2. We provide a fixed price quote – All amends rounds are included, as are all the relevant options needed to complete the project – including those from our partners
  3. We guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied – We’ll work with you until you are completely happy and in the unlikely event we can’t resolve an issue we’ll refund all applicable costs without quibble

When choosing a creative partner, check what’s included and what the total cost is, not just the advertised rate. As Tim Harford says in his Financial Times article: “Buyers should remember that if they walk away when the drips start to fall, they won’t get soaked”

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