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Mark Coster

Founder of Pixooma

Fans of the classic 80s TV comedy prank show "Watch Out! Beadle's About" presented by Jeremy Beadle, might recognise where the title of this blog comes from. And in true teaser style, we are hoping to whet your appetite for what’s coming soon.

Campaign ready!

At Pixooma we’re always looking for new ways to connect with and engage our customers. Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work getting our new marketing campaign ready. The purpose of which is to raise awareness, increase understanding and prompt a response in relation to one of our increasingly popular service areas.

To use a phrase associated with the National Lottery - it could be you!

Ticking all the boxes

Stemming from an original idea way back in the spring, this process has been comprehensively scoped out. Elements have included:

Agreeing a database

Deciding an offer

Creating the design

Finalising our messaging

Scheduling communications

Organising promotional freebies

Building in feedback and follow up

Get involved

We’ve tried to make the campaign as personal, interactive, relevant, timely and fun as possible. As well as plenty of research, we’ve pulled in our partners to help and also used our knowledge of people and organisations on our prospect database to ensure we can target the right individuals.

Shortly we’ll be sending something new, creative and exciting to a finely honed database of businesses across the region. To use a phrase associated with the National Lottery - it could be you!

But that’s not everything!

Whilst this campaign has been cleverly targeted to appeal to organisations in a particular industry and geographic area, we’re also running a competition alongside, which has the advantage of being open to everyone. It also has a mega prize, which we know you’ll be excited to win.

Going live soon

Our competition page will go live on our website soon and will be accompanied by regular updates across our social media channels too.

Watch this space. September marks the start of something different and we really want you to be part of it!

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