What… you do all that?!

People often ask me questions like: “Can you design websites?”, or logos, posters, packaging, or a whole range of other marketing materials. They’re often surprised to find out I can, as they may feel they are quite distinct products.

Similar but different

Whilst it’s true that each of these has rather diverse requirements, there are more parallels than you might think. In my view, every single graphic design project has a unique ‘creative journey’, but the underlying methodology of the ‘bit in the middle’ (i.e the actual designing) can be very similar. The key part of the process is to get from the client brief to the final product which results in a satisfied customer. No matter what’s being designed, this requires:

  1. A creative, inquisitive mind (obviously)
  2. Skills in understanding clients, by asking the right questions and listening carefully
  3. An ability to tease out the important information they may not be saying
  4. A high-level of proficiency in the appropriate software
  5. The experience to be able to pick the best application(s) to get the best result
  6. Clear and proactive communication at all stages
  7. An understanding of the technicalities and restrictions of the final product such as resolution, print methods, pixel-widths, devices, reading distances, minimum type-sizes etc

A graphic designer can then apply these skills to interpret the client brief accurately, and create concepts that (hopefully) wow the client. Now that’s not necessarily straightforward of course, but as long you understand the client’s needs and wants, and the technical aspects of the ‘thing’ you’re designing, you’re on the right track and will minimise any issues during the project.

And it doesn’t end there…

By using this approach and using my 20+ years of experience, I’m able to carry out the project successfully even if the output is something new to me. In these cases, I just need to be even more rigorous in my research and questions to ensure I understand what’s required from a technical point of view.

If you are not sure whether your project is a suitable one for a graphic designer I’d be happy to have a chat with you so get in touch. And to get future blogs sent direct to your inbox simply sign up to Pixooma’s emails and select ‘Blog’ from the available subjects.

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