What will be YOUR awesome story?

They say that everyone has at least one book in them and it’s just a case of putting pen to paper… Easier said than done we know, but if you never try you’ll never know. Let us explain with a short story…

Simon Coster, a lorry driver by trade, had always invented bedtime stories for his children. Around a year ago he decided to write one of them down and use his talent for illustration to create paintings to illustrate the book. He contacted a few literary agents on the off-chance not expecting much, but got interest almost straightaway. We at Pixooma used his text and illustrations to produce a book design for him and created print-ready artwork so that it could be shown in context to interested publishers. Within a month he had a deal with a publisher in New York and little over a year later the book is printed and on sale on Amazon!

His story is written to appeal to adults and children alike and is about two children and their ‘favourite dinosaurs’. Throughout the story, which is written entirely in rhyme, the two children’s descriptions of their dinosaurs abilities become more and more bizarre such as eating cacti in their sleep or knitting sweaters with the sheep still attached!

Simon’s story just goes to show that you never know until you try!

What will be your story?

Whether it is a action adventure, a swooning historical romance or a warmly-nostalgic retrospective of classic 1980’s games consoles, maybe you just need to get some ideas down on paper. We can’t help with plotlines, creating a back-story or creating character profiles, but if you need a design for a book-jacket, a magazine or newsletter then that’s more our area and we’d love to hear from you.

Fans of detective fiction who can always guess the ending will have noticed that the author of ‘My Dinosaur is More Awesome’ shares a surname with our Creative Director, Mark. This is no coincidence as they are brothers and Mark is immensely proud of the published author in his family! …

“My Dinosaur is More Awesome” – Amazon | Facebook

*Please note the cover artwork on Amazon is incorrect as the publishers created this in error – but it is the correct book.
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