When it comes to design and marketing – less is more!

We’ve all been to a doctor’s/dentist’s waiting room, or an office reception where there are a plethora of notices, leaflets and posters on the walls, tables and doors. With different coloured and sized typefaces, tiny copy – which is difficult to read, unattractive images and huge headlines that shout for your attention, it can feel overwhelming and a little confusing.

Essentially it feels like information overload. You don’t know what’s important and what isn’t and because its design and presentation has not been thought about, you probably, if you’re anything like me, choose to ignore it all.

But there is another way!

It’s not only waiting rooms and noticeboards, magazines, websites, social media updates. Even TV adverts are equally as guilty of trying to cram in every detail about what they do and why you need to buy their product or service now!

For me as a designer, this is where I can make a difference, so your marketing materials are:

  1. Appealing to the eye
  2. Easy to understand
  3. Relevant and targeted

So instead of stressing about having to include absolutely every detail about your product or service, pictures from every angle and oodles of links/quotes and additional information – remember this. You and your audience have something in common:

You want to write less, and they want to read less.

Three-point plan

It’s not difficult really. Regardless of whether you are attempting a poster, leaflet, brochure, advert, webpage, blog or article, I want to introduce you to my three-point plan to design and marketing effectiveness.

  1. Stick to the key message and write it concisely. Any additional, non-essential information can be simply referred to or stored somewhere else.
  2. Use a snappy and informative headline and select appropriate imagery.
  3. Embrace the beauty of white space and adopt a no fuss layout, so your message really stands out.

Success by design

If you’re still struggling, then look no further. At Pixooma we don’t just take what you provide and make it ‘look pretty’ – we find out what the purpose of your promotional materials is, what the key message is and then create a design that works much better as a result.

If that sounds like the sort of creative partner you’d like to work with, then get in touch. We can also recommend some amazing copywriters that we have successfully worked with on other projects. They will help you to scale back your efforts, so that the words you use are the right ones.

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