A professional logo design is critical to your brand success

The world’s biggest businesses understand the importance of a recognisable brand image, and that it starts with a professional logo.  No matter how large or small your organisation, a bad quality logo will send out the wrong message and harm your brand image, and therefore your profits as well. Developing a bespoke company logo design takes time and skill and therefore it isn’t something that should be done cheaply. Your average company doesn’t need to spend a fortune on branding like global companies do, but you should be prepared to invest in it properly, afterall your brand is how your customers view your business.

Cheap and (maybe not so) cheerful

There are numerous websites offering to design your logo for very little outlay, but in each case the cost to you is greater than simply the amount you pay: You may be required to do a lot more of the work; you probably won’t get exactly what you want; there will be limited or no customer service; and you may end up with something substandard. When the market is so heavily price-driven, there is also the added incentive for the supplier to plagiarise other companies’ logos and break copyright rules.

The value is in the process

With a professionally designed logo you are paying for far more than the little example on your business cards. You are paying for the process that got you there:

  1. the designer’s experience and skill
  2. the discussions to establish what you need
  3. the time for initial concepts to be created
  4. the rounds of amendments and discussions throughout the process

All of the above take time and skill and are charged accordingly. An automated site or a global auction which goes to the lowest bidder may appear to cost less, but using professional design services will give you a much better logo and one that stands the test of time.

We can help you get noticed, for all the right reasons

We are an established creative agency based near Kettering in Northamptonshire and we specialise in creating professional logo designs that are designed to wow, and we know what a great logo design needs to consist of:

  1.  A Vector EPS file JPEG and PNG file formats are all very well, but when you enlarge them you start to see the dots they are made of, as you do when you look at a newspaper with a magnifying glass. Vector EPS files work in a very different way — whatever size you enlarge them to, they stay pin sharp.
  2. Simplicity A complicated logo will look messy or indistinct at smaller sizes.
  3. Memorability Remember that this is the key part of your corporate identity, so simplicity will help here as well.
  4. Durability Don’t let the design be influenced by a current trend, otherwise it will date very quickly.
  5. Versatility It must work everywhere — whether it’s embroidered onto workwear, etched into glass, used tiny on-screen or huge on the wall of an office.
  6. Relevance It needs to ‘represent’ your company. There is no universal approach — a logo for a children’s party company should look very different to one used by an investment bank. However, it does NOT need to say what you do — it can, but this can cause problems if your business expands in a different direction.

Why not take a look at some of the logo designs we have created for our clients? All of our logos are covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and we would love to talk to you about your next branding project, so get in touch! Our initial consultation sessions are always free.

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