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Mark Coster

Founder of Pixooma

I recently read an interesting article about how to deal with your designer if you don't like what they've done. But it was one sentence that captured my attention: "…if the designer is crazy enough to have a “satisfaction guaranteed” clause…".

Pixooma has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so…

Am I crazy?

I don't think so! I was encouraged by my coach (Paul Green) to offer a guarantee, and here's why I think it works:

I was doing it already: I'd already developed Pixooma's Principles, which meant that I'd always try to correct any issue anyway.

I'm proud about it: I'm prepared to 'put my money where my mouth is' and tell everyone as much.

It focuses my mind even more: By making something so public, it helps focus all the decisions I make.

It takes away risk: Obviously, for my prospective clients, it helps them feel more secure.

I'm prepared to 'put my money where my mouth is' and tell everyone as much

Why not just 'Money-back'?

Well if a project goes wrong and a client gets their money back that's great, but:

The project is no further forward and the client has nothing to show for their effort

They may have lost vital days or weeks

The project might be impossible to complete in time now

If it can be picked up by another supplier then they've got to do their research, briefing and proofing all over again

Don't just keep throwing ideas at them!

Our aim is to complete every project to the client's complete satisfaction, get paid and gain another happy client. How do we do this? Well, we won't blindly keep churning out new designs, if the project isn't going in the right direction because this solves nothing. Instead, if we feel something's not right we'll set up a meeting with the client to get more feedback, and then review and update the brief if needed.

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