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In years gone by, no one had even heard about icons. If they did, they probably thought they referred to Hollywood stars and their cult status. But in 2021, icons are everywhere and if like me you need one for a client project, it’s good to know that you don’t always have to start from scratch and design your own.

That’s where Iconfinder comes into its own. According to its own website, it’s the world’s largest marketplace for quality vector and raster icons. And with an estimated 5.5 million icons to view, everything from animals, books and computers to xmas, yoga and zombies, you're sure to find what you are looking for.

What is an icon?

An icon is a graphic symbol/small picture that represents an idea, thing/object or programme. They help us to navigate and understand something quickly and are a fundamental part of good design. You find them in lots of marketing materials, including infographics and apps, as they are very effective at helping to communicate something clearly to your audience.

You find icons in lots of marketing materials as they're very effective at helping to communicate something clearly to your audience.

Why Iconfinder?

If you only need the occasional professional icon or graphic, Iconfinder is a good resource. Much better than stealing from Google, having to pay a subscription to other services, or having something sub-standard.

It’s easy to search and you can filter the results with both flexibility and ease. Plus, they have a good range available from simple flat styles to complex 3-D, and from black and white to full-colour. You can also choose from a choice of styles including solid, semi solid, outline, hand drawn, illustration or cartoon. And the quality is good too, which is reassuring, as they have all been made through submissions from top designers from around the world.

How to use it

Search for an icon. You can search by keyword, designer, or enter an icon pack name. The filters make searching easy and quick to do

Edit colours and shapes with their free web editor if you need to make some changes and/or have something customised

Download your choice. All icons are available in PNG and SVG (scalable vector formats). Each icon comes with its own licence information, so make sure that you read it carefully to avoid any issues at a future date

What it costs

There are three easy to understand pricing options too. So, whether you know you'll use it infrequently, or every day, you can select the right option for you.

Free – No payment needed. Perfect for personal use. Often requires crediting the author. Gives you access to 320,645 free icons but you do get adverts!

Pay as you go – Prepay $2 per month. Great for the occasional icon need, with access to the full collection of 5 million free and premium icons. No subscription required and once again you will get adverts!

Pro subscription – Pay $9 per month. A cost-effective choice for frequent users with full access to 5 million free and premium icons. 25% discount on annual billing and no adverts. In addition, you can roll-over unused downloads and invite team members too.

Although we have access to lots of icons and graphics via our Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, we sometimes find it easier to find stuff here. On Iconfinder all the icons are individual. Whereas in Adobe some are in sets of 30 or more, so it can be difficult to work out if they have what you need when the preview is small.

If you need an icon and want to have a look at what’s available, visit Iconfinder. There’s an icon for anything and everything that you might think of.

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