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For an organisation to be successful, you must create a memorable, likeable, engaging, meaningful and positive identity. A strong brand gives your business an opportunity to:

Represent your best qualities

Establish trust

Build loyalty

Create lasting relationships

Shape customers’ expectations

Branding is about more than your logo. Your customers expect to see a consistent theme across every touchpoint of your business. This means making decisions about the following elements of your brand including:

  • Strategy

    This includes your company's Purpose, Values, Mission, PromisePersonality, and Audience

  • Words

    This covers everything from Tone of Voice, use of Vocabulary, your Messaging and Story, to any Taglines you use

  • Visuals

    This is about your choice of Imagery and Icons, your Corporate Fonts, Design Styles, and Layout Grids, along with use of Shape and Colour

  • Service

    Every contact you have with the customer is vitally important and the Customer Experience includes the way you communicate at every stage (Initial Enquiry, Proposals and Pricing, Mid-Project, Billing and Followups)

So regardless of what type of media you are using – brochure, website, social media, packaging, presentation, newsletter, advertising etc, your communications are instantly recognisable because they have the same, very similar, look and feel. This ease of identification can assist you when it comes to differentiating your business from its competitors, even if you are operating in the same arena.

At Pixooma, we will help you through the branding process whether you are starting from scratch, or you want to extend an existing brand beyond its logo. We take the time to learn and understand your business, target audience and objectives, as well as discussing any ideas you may have. We then use our experience and skills, together with those of our partners, to create a unique and powerful brand that can successfully work across different marketing channels.

Your brand, like your business, is not static, over time it may need to evolve, so it remains fresh and engaging, keeps up with changing needs (internal and external) and is responsive to fluctuations in the marketplace including fashions and trends and other global factors.

For complete peace of mind, don’t forget we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We'd love to talk to you about your next branding project and are happy to create a bespoke branding proposal to meet your needs, simply email us at Our initial consultation sessions are always free. So, what are you waiting for?

Branding checklist

Building a good brand and creating tangible impact comes down to the following 10 things:


Having a unique voice

Expressing your purpose and personality

Being recognisable

Being consistent

Saying who you are and what you offer

Telling a good story

Delivering the promised experience

Empowering your customers

Developing loyalty


Design of exhibition stand boards for VPK
Covid-Safe brochure design for VPK
Social media post design

VPK is a European packaging company headquartered in Belgium. The company was founded in 1935 and has since grown to become a leading player in the European packaging industry, with a presence in more than 80 countries worldwide.

VPK recognises that in order to maintain it's market presence and continue to thrive in a fiercely competive sector, it must maintain the highest standards of marketing materials.

Since 2016 Pixooma has been a trusted creative supplier to the UK headquarters and has produced hundreds of projects from social media posts, to exhibition stands, brochures to maps, and from infographics to Canva templates for the team to use for internal documentation.

Creating marketing materials that follow a company's brand guidelines, but also inject creativity and innovation is key to building a consistent brand without becoming stale, and VPK trust us to deliver this every time.

Do you need a creative partner to ensure your brand image is maintained and developed? simply email us at Our initial consultation sessions are always free. So, what are you waiting for?

Sally Cousins

What's involved in producing branded materials?

We have over two decades of experience in designing beautifully on brand materials for our clients, enhancing the visual appeal of their company, whilst maintaining a consistent style that is in keeping with everything else they do.

This doesn't mean slavishly churning out identical and soulless materials, it's perfectly possible (when you know what you are doing) to create materials that feel fresh and exciting, but that are within your corporate style and help maintain the consistency that is so vital to building a brand.

Getting to know you

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. So although we are the trusted creative partner for many companies, the relationship normally starts with a single project.

And the briefing for this first project allows to get an initial handle on what your brand is and what it represents.

A proposal to suit you

We'll deliver your proposal to you in the way that you prefer: whether it's a full PDF proposal with every detail covered, a simple email outlining the key points or something in between.

And because we provide fixed prices for every project there'll be no nasty surprises at the billing stage, guaranteed.

Once you've approved our proposal we're ready to get started…

A journey of discovery!

No-one understands your brand like you do, and without that in-depth knowledge there's a danger we'll make assumptions or be overly influenced by our own preconceptions.

So we often start with a 'Discovery session' where we'll really get 'under the skin' of your brand, and learn about it's ethos, as well as the practical elements such as typefaces, colours, image choices and more.

Let's get started!

We’ll use this information to explore a number of ideas and then narrow down to the most promising for development, which we will then present to you.

Then it's time proof and approve…


Following feedback from you, we will either refine the agreed idea, explore a variation of it, or develop an entirely new concept if it doesn’t meet your approval.

This phase continues until you are 100% happy, with all rounds of amends (and/or new concepts) to complete the project included as per our original proposal.

As long as you don't change the brief, the cost to you does not change from the original quote - that's all part of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Once approved it's onto delivery…


Every Pixooma client is provided with a secure 'Client Portal' where you can find lots of useful content and links including all completed project files and your invoices. 

We'll add the relevant files for this project to your portal once approved so you have it for future reference, but we will also send you a copy direct as well.




Building a relationship

Our reputation for delivering projects to our client's complete satisfaction is second to none - as you can see from our Google Reviews. And so we very quickly tend to become a trusted supplier for multiple projects.

This is a win-win as we get regular work and our clients have a trusted resource that doesn't need in depth briefing (we are familiar with their brand), thereby saving them time. And they can relax in the knowledge we'll deliver exactly what they need, on-time, every time, with the minimum of fuss.

We've built up trusted relationships with international brands VPK and Lifeplus, as well as many UK businesses such as Beyond Theory, The Business Community and N-Accounting, and over the last few years have completed nearly 300 projects for them combined.

This is testament to the trust they place in us.

Other examples of our work for other established brands

Z-card leaflet design for Lifeplus Europe
Corporate brochure design for Beyond Theory
Book cover design
Infographic for N-Accounting

Frequently asked questions

Ideally you'll have a brand guide documenting your logo, your fonts and colours, and anything else that is needed. We have many years experience in working within brand guides to produce beautifully consistent materials.

Don't have a brand guide? Never fear! Wwe're very experienced at extracting the key information we need from the existing materials you already produce and getting a strong handle on your brand style, as this testimonial from Lucy Blackmore of Marketivity demonstrates:

Pixooma are excellent to work with. I have collaborated with Mark at Pixooma on a number of projects and I thoroughly enjoy working with him. Mark’s ability to get his head around complex brand guidelines fast and deliver on brand is excellent. I also appreciate Mark's friendly and professional attitude and the care he takes to meet client expectations and deadlines - I have every confidence when working with him. Mark always communicates well about progress with projects and is always quickly responsive to communications and feedback. I very much look forward to our next project together.

One of the most common questions we get asked is "How long will it take you to design it?".

It'll vary with each project, but a good rule of thumb is to allow two weeks for us to create the initial concept for you (see the 'What's involved…' above). After that, allow two or three days for each new proof following amendments from you.

Actually though, what most people don't realise is that the biggest influence on the time taken to complete ANY project is you, the client. Clients tend to under-estimate how long they will need to check each proof and provide feedback, and their day-to-day work gets in the way and causes delays.

Therefore we generally do not give exact timescales because it's mostly out of our hands. However, if you had a specific deadline that MUST be met then we would agree milestones that you'd need to meet in order for it to be possible, and we'd agree our own to match.

The more our relationship develops though, the shorter these timelines can often become. This is because with your help and input, the efficiency of the process increases every time.

Given the number of variables involved there is no one-size-fits-all answer.  Every project is different and comes with its own challenges and specifications. 

Initially we'll provide you with a fixed-price proposal for every project – meaning there are no nasty surprises at the billing stage. However, over time we often find that as trust in the relationship develops, clients are less concerned with cost as they know the value we provide and will often ask us to just get started rather than quote for a project.

Eventually this can lead to a situation where a retainer is a good idea. It means we don't need to produce proposals, you don't need to approve them (and the invoices) and instead we can both focus our efforts on the work itself, and of course it makes budgetting for you much, much easier and predictable.

Our comprehensive process (see 'What's involved…' above) ensures that it's very unlikely that the concept we present is completely off-target.

However, even if it is, this isn't a problem. We simply use your feedback and our many years of experience to create a brand new concept that's much closer to your needs, and a better starting point for the project.

And don't worry, if we do need to start again, there is NO additional cost to you. The fees agreed at the start still apply, so you don't need to worry about escalating costs or nasty surprises in the final invoice. It's all part of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

No. We provide a fixed-price proposal that includes ALL amends. That means we don't charge for 'additional rounds'.

The only exceptions are if the brief has changed since the project has started, or if you ask us to make major changes to parts of the project that were already approved. In these unlikely events we'd always tell you in advance the extent of the additional costs - so you'll never get a surprise at billing stage.

We find our clients are as keen as we are to complete the project so we've never had to charge extra.

  1. 50% Deposit – before any work starts
  2. 40% Interim – usually a key milestone such as delivery of first visuals or after an agreed time has elapsed
  3. 10% Completion – Only when the project has been completed to your satisfaction do we issue the final invoice

Every Pixooma client is provided with a secure 'Client Portal' where you can find lots of useful content and links including all completed project files and your invoices.

Once your project is complete we'll add the final files (often a PDF) to your portal so you have them for future reference, and we'll also send them direct to your email.

No. And here's why…

  1. We're creative consultants and we operate collaboratively with you to fully understand your needs and provide bespoke solutions. If you don't like our designs then we'll go back and create new ones and work with you until you are completely happy. Pitching for work reduces the design process to a 'Beauty Parade' with a simple 'like/dislike' for every idea presented from each party. 
  2. We still have to take a lot of time and effort to create the design concepts and there is a possibility of losing all the time invested into it. And without the insights that a consultative approach brings (see point 1) this is much more difficult. Ultimately the odds of 'winning' naturally reduce with every new agency that's asked to pitch. Thereby increasing the chances that our investment in time and money will be lost.
  3. The concept of pitching for work seems to be something that almost exclusively happens within the creative industries and it's a real problem, as it seriously devalues the work of a designer and agency. You wouldn't ask your car mechanic, your financial advisor, or anyone else to produce work entirely for free and in competition with several others. 

Most importantly of all - YOU lose out with this approach. On the face of it, it seems like a good deal – you get multiple ideas to review (and for free) and then can work with the agency that produces the design you like the most. BUT, what if you don't like any of them? What if, with more information and insight one of the other agencies would have come up with a much better idea that you'd LOVE rather than picking the best of 'what's there'?

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand

Paul Rand, Graphic Designer

Call us on 01536 217007 or email us today for a no-obligation chat about your branding project, or simply fill out our questionnaire and we’ll be back in touch shortly.

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