Let design set

your brand apart


For your business to be a success, your brand needs persuasive communications and marketing materials that inform and educate. Only then will your potential customers buy from you. 

With Pixooma as your graphic design partner, your marketing will always be bespoke, professional and consistent. You'll also have a memorable brand, and eye-catching, innovative and hard-working promotional resources that give a great first impression of your business, and engages your potential customers. Because first impressions matter.

Good design makes good sense. It helps you to:

Build brand awareness and recognition

Enhance your credibility

Create trust and loyalty

Generate new leads

Save time and money

Stand out from your competitors

Grow your business

Creating striking offline and online marketing materials at an affordable price is what we do. If you’ve got an idea or a project that you want to discuss, get in touch and let’s talk.

Don't just take our word for it…

We design a wide range of marketing materials…

Branding and logo design
Brochure Design
Exhibitions and displays design
Leaflet design
Magazine design

For a diverse group of clients…

International Packaging
International nutritional supplements
UK's largest exhibition trade supplier
Experts in copiers and printers for over 50 years

And there are ways we can help you for FREE…

Design tips

Good design takes time

New clients often ask how long it will take to do a certain project. And like all things worth waiting for, good design take time.

Useful tools and apps

Smart dupe recognition and deletion

We all do it. Save two identical documents (images/design or content files) with different names and then over time struggle to remember which one is which and wonder why we have two.

How we help our customers

Glossary – What does it all mean?

Here’s our explanation of common graphic, web and print terms — all in easy to understand plain English.

Our latest blogs - food for thought?

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The art of putting you at ease

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Anyone who knows me, will probably know that my favourite and frequently used phrase is “no problem.”

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We’re human, we’re busy. We’re distracted. We make mistakes. It’s often unavoidable, but the brilliant thing is that we get an opportunity to learn from them and not to repeat them.

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Trust your gut

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I’ve always prided myself on being logical, considered, rational and keen to assess everything carefully. But…

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The alternative to good design is always bad design.
There is no such thing as no design.

Adam Judge, author

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