Good design

takes time


We’re frequently asked how long it will take to do a certain project, especially with a new client. But like all things worth waiting for, good design take time. 

And it’s not just about the part we play as designers, it’s also about the input and buy-in from our clients too. We need their time and commitment when it comes to:

Agreeing the brief

Sharing ideas and strategies

Answering questions and queries

Reviewing proofs

Providing feedback


In our experience, time is critical to design success. Obviously our finely honed design skills, knowledge and experience are a given, but we also have mastered the intricacies of various design software, which in itself is no easy task. And as for that much needed spark of creativity, well it’s part innate and part learnt by researching, understanding and testing what is possible and more importantly what works across different marketing channels.

If you wanted someone to quickly ‘knock up’ something as quick as possible, we are not the right agency for you!

Think innovatively

Our role isn't just to do exactly what our clients want, we want to challenge them to think innovatively and differently about their project. Obviously, we establish what they need and why, but then we use our expertise to dive deeper and explore more about their business and the marketplace in which they operate. We ask lots of questions along the way and explore a range of options to ensure clients consistently get the results they need.

The process of design can be one of experimentation, we often reject ideas and concepts during the process, in order to bring clients the best one. Design is not art. It has to work and must be both functional and appropriate. We work with copy and search for suitable stock imagery to find the best possible layout that not only delivers impact but is engaging and relevant to a specific target audience.

Giving clients more

Plus, it takes time to build up the confidence to be able to challenge our clients to create the best possible design for them, although we'd never railroad them into something we want them to have. We also schedule work properly, every client project is important, so we can’t just start yours straight away, if it’s at the expense of another client’s ongoing work.

If you wanted someone to quickly ‘knock up’ something as quick as possible, we are not the right agency for you! And in the words of Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover. “If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design!”

So, if you want the peace of mind knowing that your next project will benefit from all the time it deserves, call us for a no-obligation about your design needs.

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