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Ask any business owner and they will admit that one of the things they struggle with is pricing. In this respect Pixooma is probably no different to other businesses.

If you are a client in the market for some high-quality design, you probably think that a logo is simpler to design than a brochure because it's smaller – but that's not true. Equally it can be as hard (or harder) to create a design for a smaller page with more content to get in, than a larger document with more options for white space and layout. That’s why it’s a balancing act to ensure that everyone is happy with pricing, from new clients to loyal, repeat clients.

We’ve all been stung by insurance premiums rising and the indignity that we can get a better deal as a new client seems completely wrong.

New client pricing

We’re not fans of the much talked about ‘new client discount’ approach. We’ve all been stung by insurance premiums rising and the indignity that we can get a better deal as a new client seems completely wrong. Instead, our first project for a new client is likely to be more expensive than it would be if we’d done several projects with them. This is entirely because we don’t know what they are like and how they will behave. For example:

Are they difficult to contact, slow to respond, confusing in their requirements?

Do they change their mind a lot and double-back?

Are we dealing with multiple stakeholders with slightly different opinions?

Do they have a clear brand and approach?

Are they prone to hearing but not listening?

Are they nice to work with?

Do they pay on time?

Repeat client pricing

Repeat clients are often delighted to find that they benefit from an unofficial loyalty discount. This is because the longer you work with someone the better the pricing, as there are fewer variables to trip us up. For example, when you know how an individual or business ticks and have researched their product/service, industry and/or competitors, your time working on their project can be reduced and is often more productive because of your research, knowledge and expertise.

Recently a big client of ours wanted an advert created for a magazine in just two days! If that was a new client enquiry, we would probably have had to say it wasn’t possible, as there were too many risks. Alternatively, we might have had to charge a serious premium in the expectation that it would require a couple of late nights and a lot of stress and potential issues.

Turning premium into competitive

But in this case, we knew the client and their brand very well and were confident they would work collaboratively with us to ensure the deadline was met. So instead of turning the work away or coming up with a high cost to cover all eventualities, our price for the job was relatively low. They of course were happy with what we had quoted and the job went ahead as planned with no hiccups. Cue happy client and happy designer.

When we work with our regular, loyal clients, we find that our approach is more consultative. This is where we prioritise our relationship, embrace open dialogue and focus entirely on delivering a high quality, responsive and timely service with a well-deserved Pixooma loyalty discount.

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