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OK, so it’s not a matter of national security, nor will this article self-destruct in 10 seconds. But when it comes to working on projects where privacy and confidentiality are essential, at Pixooma we are happy to say that we are rather good at it. Maybe that’s because we’ve certainly had plenty of practice.

Over the last few years, we’re proud to have been asked to work alongside several clients on a variety of highly secretive design projects. Two recent examples include:

Creating clever and thought-provoking presentations so that individuals can more confidently pitch their expertise, talents and knowledge to potential new employers, during a job interview or as part of the recruitment process.


Assisting people when they are leaving a company and want to set up their own business. This has tended to involve logo and branding work, as well as the creation of a new website and perhaps other marketing collateral, so they are ready when they want to officially launch their new venture.

I chose well. Pixooma were impressive from the word go. They spent a lot of time giving me their thoughts and ideas, whilst also listening to what we wanted

Going it alone

With regards to the latter, we asked Gavin Bates from Smart Business Recovery about the thought processes involved in his decisions. We are incredibly grateful to him for his honesty and feedback.

Gavin was on gardening leave from another organisation and already knew what he wanted to do next. He needed to keep news of his own insolvency and recovery business secret until the time was right. But in the meantime, he needed a logo, headed paper, business cards and a website designing.

The perfect partner

Gavin approached Pixooma because he had known us for a long time and knew that we would be the perfect partner for the job.

Gavin explains more. “When setting up a new business, it’s important that everything is kept under wraps so that when you launch, you are ready to go in an instant and have everything you need. But you also cannot afford for any information to slip out unintentionally, so you need to work with someone who understands the situation and is dependable, reliable and completely trustworthy.”

Gavin continues. “I chose well. Pixooma were impressive from the word go. They spent a lot of time giving me their thoughts and ideas, whilst also listening to what we wanted. In fact, nothing was too much trouble and they understood that everything needed to come together as a solid brand.”

Adding value to the business

Gavin concludes. “The results were everything I could have hoped for. Not only did everything look brilliant, but it generated vital new leads straight away and over the years has contributed to continued business growth. But perhaps the most crucial element, was the fact that Pixooma kept everything concealed, working hard and professionally behind the scenes, without ever mentioning anything to anyone. And when it was time to launch, there were there beside us offering support and kind words, which were very much appreciated.”

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