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Although you may not think you have 'projects', your business may still benefit from a project 'Gantt Chart'. For instance, if you have…

Multiple tasks that take time to complete and overlap with each other

Deadlines for specific tasks - that if delayed affect other tasks as well

Staff members who are assigned specific tasks or roles

External partners who you rely on for specific services

Or like us – all of the above

Now gantt charts are essential for the smooth running of our business and we love them, so why not take a look at the many options available?

What is a Gantt Chart?

A set of deadlines and key dates in a list is great, but there are limitations as you can't see the whole picture. A Gantt Chart is a way of viewing everything visually. Each task gets its own 'timeline' - a horizontal bar that shows when the task starts and ends, and who is responsible for it. And this simple idea means you can:

Plan your entire workload to minimise problems and clashes

See the effect a delay will have on the project as a whole

Filter the view of your projects to show: today's tasks, those that are overdue, ones allocated to a specific employee or supplier, or just the details of a single project in detail. This allows you to monitor each project carefully and ensure you hit your deadlines across the board

Demonstrate to staff/suppliers the key milestones they need to meet

Compare your estimated project time against what actually happened, helping you to become more accurate in future

Create templates for typical tasks/projects, saving time and money

Don't be put off!

To be honest, for a long time we weren't that keen to use Gantt Charts, as we thought they were a bit 'over the top' for what we needed. Now, however, they're essential for the smooth running of our business and we love them, so why not take a look at the many options available? If you visit the resources page from TeamGantt and scroll down you'll even find some free template downloads.

If you're interested in knowing more about the app we use then check out Teamgantt here. You'll get one month free if you signup*.

*Because TeamGantt has become such a vital part of our business, we're happy to tell the world about it anyway, but in the interests of full-disclosure we've joined their partner programme which means we benefit as well from any new signups from the link above.


A typical Gantt Chart layout in TeamGantt*- this is for a single project with three elements. It can be much simpler or much more complex than this

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