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Regardless of what you buy and where you buy it (online or in-person), in recent years your purchase is normally accompanied by a request for feedback from its supplier. 

Every organisation from coffee shops to supermarkets and from rail operators to Amazon or eBay want to know about your transaction and more importantly how you felt about it.

Survey or feedback?

But in a world where brands want to know everything about their customers, what’s the difference between a survey or feedback form? In our opinion, both are necessary when you run a business. A survey is more generic as you are asking people to record their attitudes, opinions, knowledge or feelings. Whereas feedback (reviews) are more direct (name not a number), sent instantly (close to the actual interaction or engagement) and are used to gauge overall customer satisfaction and provide real insight into their experience.

We believe that gathering, analysing and actioning feedback is essential to the growth and development of our business

Honesty is important

And whilst many of us might ignore the survey, review or feedback invitation, others are keen to share their honest ‘warts and all’ experiences. This is often because we want to highlight good practices, but in some cases, it provides an opportunity for us to point out blatant failings and issues that we've encountered.

At Pixooma, we believe that gathering, analysing and actioning feedback is essential to the growth and development of our business. Listening to what our clients say enables us to understand what’s important to them. This means we can improve the quality and range of our services, as well as putting in place new processes and systems which can help us to deliver extra value.

Does it stack up?

Currently, we gather this information in different ways. One of the main ways we do this is by encouraging our clients to use Google Reviews. The main advantage of this is that feedback is attributed to a person, verified and of course available in the public domain. We also do a live anonymised informal survey which is usually topic specific, rather than service led, and is sent to clients, prospective clients, business partners and other colleagues at regular intervals throughout the year.

A survey or asking for feedback are both great ways to keep in touch with people. They are also essential in ensuring that you don’t work in a vacuum. One of our partners recently said that good feedback is great, but you can’t learn from it - and they are right! As business owners, we need to accept the good and the bad and in the case of the latter, we should be embracing it and then looking at ways to remove any pain points in our offering.

Feedback is a gift

A recent article in Harvard Business Review said:

“Feedback is a gift. Negative feedback in particular can be valuable because it allows us to monitor our performance and alerts us to important changes we need to make. And indeed, leaders who ask for critical feedback are seen as more effective by superiors, employees, and peers, while those who seek primarily positive feedback are rated lower in effectiveness”.

So, if you are looking for ways to improve productivity and performance as well as letting your clients know how much you care, then perhaps it’s time to ask them how they feel about your business?

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