Why logo guidelines

are important


Regardless of the size of your company, logo guidelines are a key tool to help ensure brand consistency. Without guidelines, your logo can become distorted over time, which may have a negative impact on your brand value and reputation.

At Pixooma, when we design a logo, we produce logo guidelines as part of the package. This includes detailed information about how a logo needs to look in respect of size, spacing, colours and typography. Which means our clients can simply pass this information on to partners, stakeholders and other external suppliers, and business contacts so that whenever their logo is replicated, and regardless of what channel is used, the brand always looks consistent, professional and credible.

We feel that brand consistency is key, particularly given how much money and time you have spent developing it

Don’t keep it a drawer!

Of course, clients can do what they want with the guidelines, we know that some people never use them. This could be because they don’t understand what they are for, or because they don’t think that they need them. However, because we feel that brand consistency is key, particularly given how much money and time you have spent developing it, we wanted to find out what our clients think of their logo guide and whether they have used it.

We recently asked a selection of our clients a few questions about logo guidelines and we were delighted at the feedback we received. Whilst many of our clients weren’t familiar with logo guidelines before we worked with them, they were all full conversant with the guidelines after we have explained their importance. Gavin Bates from Smart Business Recovery said. “Whilst I understood the idea of logo guidelines, I hadn’t fully appreciated them until Mark took the time to explain them to me. They are essential for business. Without it, your message will be diluted over time. It gives you a starting point to move forward from.”

Consistent marketing

When we asked our clients how they have used them, the answers were also very encouraging. Paul Green from The Business Community said. “It’s really useful to have everything condensed into one document. I have used it for ensuring the colours I use in my marketing are consistent.” Whilst Jon Taylor from Let’s Go Out agreed: “I have used it for some leaflets we had printed for an event, we also include it on our website for whenever someone requests our logo.”

And finally, when we asked what they would say about a logo guide to someone who is looking to get a new logo designed, Heather Selbie from BTT Comms summed it up beautifully. “It’s useful to have, so you can ensure any supplier is using your brand consistency. There is nothing worse than comparing a leaflet and say a brochure and noticing a discrepancy in colour. It’s so easy for one person to use your logo and get a completely different Pantone reference than what you want. When guidelines are sent it should eliminate that.”

At Pixooma, not only do we like using brand guidelines, but we love creating them too. They are an excellent way to create cohesive and consistent styling for your company. Ultimately, good brand guidelines help create a strong and powerful brand personality which, in turn, creates brand value.

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