Book – The Giant Picnic | Simon Coster

Client: Simon Coster

Relationship: New Client

Date of project: May 2013

Duration of Project: One month

Background: Simon Coster is an illustrator and budding author – this is his first children’s story.

Brief: Simon needed print-ready artwork of his story and illustrations to show to publishers

Project: Pixooma were required to scan all of the author’s illustrations which were on cartridge paper and using photoshop convert the backgrounds to white without harming the colour balance of the imagery. We then took the author’s text and images, selected a suitable typeface and created layout designs for the client’s approval. Once approved we produced print-ready artwork for the entire book so that it could be shown in context to interested publishers.

Result: A bright and lively publication with clear, legible text in a typeface that reflects the fun nature of the story.

Book Layout Design - The Giant Picnic B

Book Layout Design - The Giant Picnic

Book Cover Design - The Giant Picnic

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