Consistency, consistency,… and consistency

A trusted member of my network and referral marketing expert, Jacky Sherman of Asentiv knows success in networking comes from following Dr Ivan Misner’s principle of “Visibility, Credibility, Profitability”, and in that order. And I think one key principle of marketing underpins all of this… consistency.

Visibility, Credibility, Profitability

The principle goes like this: In order to be profitable, you need to be credible. I.e prospects need to ‘like and trust’ you. If they don’t feel you’re capable of meeting their expectations then they won’t spend their money with you. And to be credible, you first need to be visible, i.e they fundamentally need to know you exist and offer the service(s) they want.

Visibility: Consistent marketing is the only way to become (and remain) visible. Not only do you need to constantly market yourself (advertising, networking or social media for example), you also need to be consistent with your branding and how it is applied. Pixooma customers know our expertise means all their marketing materials are consistently designed, whether it’s printed brochures, exhibition materials, vehicle graphics or their website.

Credibility: You also need to clearly demonstrate expertise consistently in your work, and a consistently high level of customer service. With over 20 years experience in graphic design, I can ensure that the work we produce for our clients is of the highest quality and it’s applied consistently to every client and every job. From day one I have strived to provide the best possible customer service experience, and our 34 Google Reviews and wide-ranging client work is a testament to the fact that we are succeeding, but the battle is never won. I know that we must work hard to maintain the consistency in our work and the level of customer service if we want to continue to grow the business, and maintain our enviable reputation.

Profitability: Finally you need to be consistent in your processes so you can maintain all of the above, and constantly strive to improve the customer experience. If you can do this you’ll gain more customers and referrals, get more work from each customer, and higher-value projects into the bargain. All of which leads to increased profits.

Don’t get complacent

If you fail to be consistent in any of these you’ll become less profitable, damage your credibility and eventually endanger your business, with a real chance it will fail, making you invisible once again.

All it takes is a bad reputation for customer service, a noticeable decline in your communication or cutting corners on your marketing material, and all your hard work getting to this point will be undone. We can’t help you with the customer service or communication, but we can definitely help with your marketing materials. To see how we can help improve the quality of your materials and ensure they are consistently branded give us a call, we’d be happy to advise.

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