Henry Ford’s view on quality

Henry Ford is quoted as saying “Quality is doing the right thing when no one’s watching”, and this is Pixooma’s philosophy too.

Let’s take a printed brochure as an example:

  1. The copywriter considers every word, comma and full stop very carefully. They examine the text over and over in order to perfect it
  2. The photographer composes every image incredibly precisely, tweaking the position of lighting, props, angles and cropping of the subject to get the optimum image
  3. The designer looks in great detail at every element in the layout, minutely shifting the proportions and positions and using consistent guides to get the best layout possible
  4. The printer precisely mixes the required colours, prints multiple test pages and examines the print in fine detail with a magnifying glass to ensure a professional finish

Many people, however, may flick idly through the brochure glancing at the images, skimming the copy and probably not paying a lot of attention to the design.

So why go to all this trouble?

Because a well-designed brochure with punchy copy and striking images, that’s printed to a high standard will tempt the reader to linger on the content longer. In doing so they’ll absorb the information and you’ll get your message across more clearly. Sure, no one is likely to look at every part of the output in the same level of detail as the experts above, but by going “above and beyond” you get the best output every time and minimise errors and issues. Conversely, if you take the easier, “it’ll do” approach then over time the quality may spiral downwards, as the level you deem acceptable may become lower over time.

We don’t care if no-one notices

We only work with partners we trust to share our philosophy of providing the best service to our customers at all times – and ensuring the greatest possible quality, even if there is a chance that ‘no-one’ will notice. Don’t forget, if a potential customer spends more time noticing annoying little errors, inconsistencies or issues with quality then you’ve probably lost them.

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