Challenging the client brief…

Chris Stocks, an experienced engineer was starting up his new company: CS Plumbing & Heating and knew that he needed a strong identity to stand out from the crowd, so he contacted experienced logo designers Pixooma…

No little men with spanners please!

His brief to us was that he definitely did NOT want any little characters with spanners, water droplets or gas flame icons, other than that we had the freedom to explore a number of concepts. We designed a number of options, but we did challenge his assumptions in briefing us with his requirements. His dislike of characters was fair enough – they were not appropriate to his brand and it’s great that he had such a clear idea of his brand identity – however we did think there was mileage in the use of flames or water icons: they are a good visual image which could make the brand memorable. To test his dislike of this imagery one of the examples we created was a version of the ancient Taoist ‘Ying and Yang’ symbol, using an intersecting flame and droplet, and this was presented along with a number of equally strong concepts. Which might seem like a strange thing to do, and possibly a waste of time for all concerned, but there is method in our ‘madness’…

Are you sure you don’t like that idea?

You might be surprised to hear that Chris loved the ‘Ying and Yang’ idea and signed the logo off there and then, without a single alteration. This just goes to show that challenging a client brief is worth doing, but only if our experience and expertise demonstrates that it is worthwhile for the client. In Chris’ case he had seen a number of flame/droplet icons that were executed poorly and this lead him to think that he didn’t like any concept that included them, however when we showed him our version, he loved it!

CS Plumbing and Heating Logo design

Chosen logo design



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