Nishi Patel

I decided to work with Mark from Pixooma because I’ve known him for a while through my networking group and have always been impressed by the creative insight he provides during group discussions and presentations. He is certainly in it for the long term and is eager to build a lasting reputation based on excellent service and inspiring his clients.

I asked him to design a new logo for me as I had previously bought one off the internet for £30 but I realised that I never really took pride in it and it didn’t really explain what I was about, I was also at a time in my business where I was done surviving and wanted to create a brand that would last me the rest of my working life.

I gave Mark a couple of rough ideas and he took those and turned them into something that not only was so much better, but also reflected my business values in a way I had thought would be impossible to express through a simple logo.

I would highly recommend working with Mark from Pixooma because he will exceed any expectations you have and his passion for design will inspire you to build a better brand and share it with your customers.

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