No jargon please, we work in government!

Chris Grices’ company, Actio Consulting UK, has been advising various UK government departments for several years on business transformation and had done so entirely by word-of-mouth. However, rather than wait for the contracts to land on his desk,  he wanted to take more control of the marketing of his company and promote it to a wide audience. The only problem was he didn’t even have a logo for his business yet…

No jargon…

Chris had researched a number of local graphic design agencies and had dismissed most of them because of the jargon they used, and the way their websites were all about them rather than proving the work they could do. He was drawn to our website because it focussed on showcasing our portfolio of client work and was free from buzzwords.

We worked closely with Chris to create a logo for his company which would be serious enough to represent his clients and the important work he did with them, but with enough character to stand out from the crowd and be easily recognisable. We then developed this into a business card design and provided him with a logo guidelines document that he could use to protect his newly minted brand.

Chris was very happy with the logo we created and the service we provided and is now considering the next steps he can take to promote Actio Consulting UK to a wider audience. We wish him luck and we will be on hand when he wants to produce some professional marketing materials to make the best use of his brand.

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