Patience is key to executing

a marketing campaign


Mark Coster

Founder of Pixooma

A good marketing campaign needs to interest and excite your chosen audience, so the messaging, timings and associated elements need be right, enabling you to get the right results.

But putting together a marketing campaign doesn't happen overnight. It can't be rushed, and you most definitely need to make sure that you include plenty of time for research, planning, checking and testing before you even contemplate sending anything out.

Answering the why!

Before you embark on a marketing campaign, I believe it's essential to identify your why. For me it was easy, I wanted to do something fun, different, take the initiative, and ideally start a conversation. I didn't want to execute a huge blanket campaign to all of my contacts, instead I wanted to focus on smaller numbers meaning everything could be more targeted and it would be easier to see early on if it was working.

I didn't want to execute a huge blanket campaign to all of my contacts, instead I wanted to focus on smaller numbers meaning everything could be more targeted

The process

It was back in late January when I met with my marketing partner to talk all things campaigns. After recent successes, I homed in on a particular service area. I wanted to promote my magazine design and production services to a new audience. At the end of our discussions, I had an idea of what I wanted to do and what would be involved. We also touched on the how and when. However, it has taken from then until now to complete the preparation, this has included:

Deciding goals/objectives

Agreeing offer

Selecting the database

Working out costings/ROI

Choosing marketing partners

Agreeing marketing channels

Deciding on the elements to be included

Confirming timings

Writing bespoke content for letters/brochures/postcard/website page

Writing social media marketing messages

Designing individual brochures for each client

Designing fun elements - jotter

Ordering pencils, envelopes and wax seal

Checking and testing processes

Getting everything printed

Putting together associated competition details

Finalising promotional plan

What was sent out

In a nutshell, each of my carefully selected recipients have received a covering letter and a bespoke/branded brochure in the style of their own personalised magazine to illustrate what can be achieved. A jotter and sprout pencils all enclosed by a Pixooma seal completed the package and it was securely enclosed in an envelope for next day signed for delivery. To run alongside the campaign, I have also launched a competition for the opportunity for someone to win their own magazine design.

As the campaign went live last month, I am excited to see the initial results. It's not something I have done before but having gone through the process I can now appreciate what's involved and how long things take. I'm optimistic that this novel approach will create a buzz and have people taking about Pixooma for all the right reasons. And because further packages are being sent out to the rest of the focused database over coming months, with a follow up – and of course the competition too – there's plenty of opportunities for me to engage with lots of different audiences.

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