Design once.

Adapt often


Our trusted consultant, Fuel taught us that one key secret to marketing is to 'create' once, and 'repurpose' many times. This can apply to the design of your materials as well as the content you create, because it builds the brand consistency that's key to both. 

Of course, nothing is infinitely flexible, but there should always be some elements that can be re-used, adapted, or repurposed saving time and building a consistent image. A perfect opportunity to demonstrate this came up when Adept Asset Solutions asked for our help…

Don't try and say everything!

AAS are experienced experts in providing Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney, and they were keen to begin a local promotional campaign to boost their business. This involved leaflets for distribution to local addresses as well as print advertising in local newspapers, magazines and business publications. They were clever enough to avoid the usual pitfall of trying to describe every last detail of what they provided, instead they planned content specifically targetted at one area of their business each time. The first of these was about Wills, and the common misconceptions about them.

Mark explained the whole process of designing a leaflet and an advert really well & kept it simple. This made the decision making easy and took out all the worry. Ad & leaflets look great and later this year I hope to give positive feedback about the results

Tim Mullock

Plan for the future

We designed the leaflet first and ensured it was flexible for future content:

The design would not 'break' or require a major re-think if the image for the next leaflet was radically different

The 'Q&A' boxes were designed so they could overlap an image if needed, and still remain perfectly legible

Elements of the headers and footers were standardised so that they would remain consistent and legible across all the materials throughout the campaign

This allowed us to easily maintain the style when creating the matching advert, helping with brand awareness if the reader had already seen the leaflet. It also meant that when a later advert was needed, which had very different dimensions it presented no problems either. Obviously going from a 2-page portrait leaflet to a portrait advert, and then to a landscape advert meant radical changes were required, but there was still a clearly consistency across the campaign.

Joined-up design

Does your designer have a 'joined-up' approach and consider the wider campaign, or are they simply concentrating on the individual jobs as you provide each brief?

Just think how a brochure like this could help boost your business! Simply fill out our questionnaire and we'll provide you with a bespoke proposal to consider.

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