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Studio Nine is a new entrant to the interior design consultancy market and director Faye Elmore was keen to present a professional image for her company from the very start.

An outdated image

Any fledgling business clearly has to consider budgets and it is all too easy to go for the cheap options of creating a logo yourself or using a budget online provider, however Faye correctly realised that this can be a false economy. Instead she was committed to briefing a professional designer to make sure she got a bespoke design that fitted her exact requirements. She contacted Pixooma and during the initial consultation we discovered she wanted a logo that was:

bespoke and characterful

able to demonstrate they were business-like professionals

had a suggestion of luxury or sophistication

able to work equally well online and in print

Sophisticated and modern

Studio Nine's new logo has a graceful elegance with a colour palette that adds a subtle hint of femininity, but whilst retaining a robust business-like approach. The 'flower' motif is constructed from nine '9s' to reflect the company name. A wide range of concepts were presented and after only a few rounds of selection and refinement Faye had a clear favourite and was delighted with the final design and the overall process.

If you have a new company and want to present the right image from day one, or if you need a rebrand because your logo no longer represents your brand values then Pixooma can help. We'll carefully guide you through a process which is guaranteed to provide you with a perfect bespoke logo that is everything you need. Our initial consultations are free so call us today to find out how we can help you and your business.

Just think how a brand like this could help boost your business! Simply fill out our questionnaire and we'll provide you with a bespoke proposal to consider.

Pixooma is at the forefront of my mind when asked to recommend a talented graphic designer. Not only are they adept at delivering (and managing) client expectations but their personable and practical approach make them easy to work with as well

Faye Elmore

Owner, Studio 9

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