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Libby Langley


Libby was taking her business in a new direction and needed a professional refresh of her business logo in order to reflect this.

Libby has always understood the value that a professional designer brings, and so when she was looking for a brand refresh she approached Pixooma, having worked with us before.

Evolving the brand

We worked on a range of evolutions, some of which were closer to Libby’s existing logo as well as a selection of more radical designs. In addition, we created full colour versions with a blend of her three favoured colours, as well as single colour versions that could be used as standalone icons.

Libby was happy with our options and selected one straightaway. The before and after pictures clearly highlight the logo improvements, which mainly consist of the following:

Incorporation of a new strapline

Use of a circle rather than a square

Combination of new colours

It’s always a bit weird when you’re looking at your own business and brand in a critical way, but I am really pleased with the way Pixooma has interpreted my ramblings and actually created something that represents me far better than I could have envisioned. It takes a lot of skill to do that.

Libby Langley

Redesign vs refresh

Unsure about whether you need a brand refresh or a rebrand? Choose a creative partner who will take the time to understand what you want to achieve and then work with you to get the right results

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