What do you do if you see a space man?

Park in it man! (Sorry, that is a terrible joke, but we couldn’t resist!)

However, on a more serious note, have you ever arranged to meet a prospective client in an unfamiliar town, or at an office where visitor spaces are limited? Now you’ve got to find a nearby car park, and hope it has enough spaces left, but what if it doesn’t?

Google’s not the best option

Of course, you could use Google Maps but we’ve found it doesn’t give you all the information you need, and does serve up a lot of irrelevant results. Our choice is a site dedicated to purely to parking…


This simple, but really effective website tells you everything you need to know and nothing more. And, because it asks what time you intend to arrive and depart it customises the results on a clear, interactive map which shows:

  1. The total price for your stay
  2. Opening times and tariffs
  3. Payment methods
  4. Number of spaces
  5. Accessibility information
  6. Other features/information (height restrictions etc)

You can get personalised directions to your chosen car park, and some sites even have reviews! What more information could you want?

We’ve used this site numerous times and found it invaluable, and we’re sure you will too – why not take a look at Parkopedia today! And if you liked this tip sign up to our emails and select ‘Useful Tools and Apps’ from the available subjects, that way we can deliver the next one direct to your inbox!

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