Taking the fear out of graphics!

“Professional and timely with a superb result, would highly recommend.” Hiedi Homan
HH Test Consultancy

Hiedi Homan is a very experienced software test consultant who had been using a cheap Vistaprint template business card without a proper brand for longer than she felt she should been. She realised that in order to take her company to the next level she needed a solid brand and that all starts with a professional logo. However she was dreading what could be involved in finding a graphic designer, and how painful and drawn-out the process might be, so she asked her network for advice.

Pixooma to the rescue!

Pixooma was recommended to her by a mutual business contact who knew that we could produce a logo project that would produce the end result Hiedi was looking for. In fact in a very unusual turn of events, we effectively received a testimonial before we even started the work, as our meeting with Hiedi had allayed all her fears at a stroke:

“…Many thanks for leaving me with far more confidence that I thought I would have after a first meeting…”

We produced a number of ideas for Hiedi, complete with useful notes regarding the reasoning behind the concepts and Hiedi quickly selected a favourite. After a short round of minor amends to finalise the fonts and colours used, HH Test Consultancy had its first brand logo! We hope to work with Hiedi on a number of future projects, but in the meantime we created some business cards and a logo guide so that she could feel confident in her new brand. When we completed the project, she was so happy she sent us this message:

“…Once again, many thanks for making something I was dreading a painless and positive experience…”

Our pleasure Hiedi!

HH Test Consultancy Logo Guidelines

HH Test Consultancy Logo Guidelines (Click to view)

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