Unifying the brand

CDR pumps are an established industrial pump manufacturer and supplier who have been providing pumps for the chemical, pharmaceutical and nuclear industry for over 50 years. The UK company which was founded by (and still run by) Ashley Fenn provides pumps from CDR as well as a range of international manufacturers. Because the company partially relied on marketing materials from some of its suppliers Ashley was concerned that there was no single cohesive brand that unified the company and asked Pixooma for help.

A project to define the brand

As there were a number of projects that required Pixooma’s expertise and experience we suggested that we work with CDR Pumps to create a ‘family’ of clearly identifiable branded materials and then use this as a way to define a new ‘Brand Guide‘ for the company which can be used for future projects. The first project was to promote CDR Pump’s removable cassette system which eliminates the need for time-consuming modifications to existing pumps, and instead provides a ready-to-use consumable. During the briefing, it became clear that this saved an enormous amount of downtime and therefore cost to any company who opted for the system. Therefore we focused the design of the leaflet on this key benefit and even made some copy edit suggestions based on our experience.

The result was an image-led design that clearly conveyed the benefits of the system to both engineers and layman, which the client was extremely happy with.

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